Wanted: Turkeys and Toys

As the end of October approaches, we enter the season of Thanksgiving, a time when we gather to appreciate all that has happened over the past year.

For most people, this means celebrating over a hearty meal with family and friends.  Yet many Pontiac families living below the poverty line may go without a meal this Thanksgiving.  With your help we can change this reality for hundreds of families.

To reach our goal of serving 300 needy families this holiday season, we need your help to hold can-drives, initiate fundraising, host giving-trees, make donations, ask neighbors for donations, and deliver food, gifts, and goods to the Baldwin Center facility in Pontiac.

Each Thanksgiving and Christmas the Baldwin Center distributes 300 food baskets to Pontiac families who are in need.  Each family receives a box of non-perishable goods as well as fresh items such as milk, eggs, bread, and most importantly: a turkey.  Each basket, which also includes paper towels and toilet paper, provides enough food to feed a family of four for about two weeks.  Our goal is to give struggling families who work tirelessly to make ends meet, the chance to celebrate family and life together.  List of Needed Items.

In mid-December we will open our holiday store on December 21st and 22nd to allow parents a chance to give their children and each other with clothes, toys or personal items.  We will provide wrapping paper and tape are so shoppers can wrap the gifts themselves.  New gifts of toys, clothing and household items are needed for over 1,200 individuals. List of Holiday Store Needed Items

Baldwin Center Executive Director Lisa Machesky comments that “these hard economic times have taught all of us the value of family.  Part of the glue that holds families together are holiday traditions. A big meal and presents are central parts of every holiday celebration and we want to make sure these families with young children can enjoy the blessings of the season.”

Food donations are needed by early Monday November 21st for Thanksgiving and early Monday December 19th for Christmas. New gifts are needed by December 15th.  For more information on how you can be involved, please contact our Community Affairs Coordinator, Kristina Scharer at 248-332-6101 or kscharer@baldwincenter.org.


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