Thank you to all our Volunteers!

It’s National Volunteer Week, and here at Baldwin Center, we’ve been doing some reflection on the generosity and impact our volunteers have made over the past three decades. At the end of March, Baldwin’s Director of Food Services, Ms. Sylvia Wheeling, retired. She was the first person to volunteer her time to serve at Baldwin, and it was largely because of her efforts that we have the dedicated number of volunteers we do.

Last month, over 400 people volunteered almost 2,000 hours to Baldwin Center, and this year alone friends of Baldwin have amassed over 5,000 hours serving lunch and dinner in the family kitchen, tutoring youth in math and reading, helping adults earn their GED, sorting shirts and pants at the Clothes Closet, and weeding and digging in our three gardens. Volunteers have made it all possible – without you, we wouldn’t be able to serve our needy neighbors.

This summer, Baldwin will be leading the way at providing opportunities to serve Pontiac and model healthy lifestyles. We’ll be working with local community development councils to beautify this neighborhood, taking bike trips with our youth to area parks, and walking regularly at Wisner Stadium – all in addition to the other programs and services we’re offering. It will be because of our volunteers that we can do all of it.

Your face has welcomed countless men, women, and children who had nowhere else to go. Your service has given them dignity and hope. Together, you have made Baldwin Center a transformative place for the people of Pontiac. So, take a minute to realize how much you’ve done to help the Pontiac community, and pat yourself on the back. You’re awesome, and we thank you!

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