Help Build A Better Baldwin

Because of your past efforts and that of all the other volunteers and donors, Baldwin is at an exciting crossroads. Baldwin is growing and better meeting the needs of the Pontiac community. Thanks to you, Baldwin continues to be a place of help and hope.

Many nonprofits are cutting services. Not Baldwin!

But we need your help to continue the momentum. We need to continue to invest in the people and services that make Baldwin a place of hope. We also need to maintain the buildings that make Baldwin a space where people can find what they need.

Won’t you join us as we feed, clothe, educate, and empower? Together we can Build a Better Baldwin!

A better Baldwin does not mean we stop doing what we do best—helping with a very human touch.

I want to tell you about Carrie and George*. . .

This couple met this past winter at a local homeless shelter. They began coming to Baldwin for breakfast, lunch, showers, laundry, clothing and for friendship.

They began planning for a better future. They began planning for a future together.

George found a job at a local plant but it required walking 12 miles each way. He did that until we offered him a bike to get to work. They continued to save. They are now in their new apartment with furniture, dishes, sheets, towels and a television from Baldwin. Carrie is now updating her resume and applying for retail management jobs where she had previous experience.

They are moving forward thanks in part to your help.

Baldwin met their needs at each step. Baldwin was there and will continue to be there for others because of your continued support. A better Baldwin means that Carrie and George’s story can be repeated. A better Baldwin can happen with your help.

You are needed to keep our momentum going. Won’t you take a moment today to join the Build a Better Baldwin campaign?

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