Help Baldwin Change Lives With A Year End Gift

Volunteers Reading to Students

Oakland University Education Majors Helping Teach Reading

Homes have been saved;

Lights have been turned on;

Bellies have been fed;

Feet have been warmed;

Children have learned to read;

Vegetables have been grown;

Leaders have been created;

People have found community.

Make no mistake — lives have been changed through the caring and compassionate work of amazing people in 2010.

People like you–people who have given

their time,

their talents,

their treasures, and their prayers.

Now we must prepare to meet the challenges of 2011 and we still need your support.

The need will continue to be present in 2011.

Baldwin will be there,

will you?

As you reflect on your own 2010 and prepare for 2011 please remember Baldwin.

Please remember all the good work that gets done because of your support.

Please make a tax deductible gift.

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