Creating Halloween Memories For Pontiac Kids

For some, Halloween is the best holiday.  After all, it is an excuse to dress up and eat mountains of free candy.  Each year on October 31st, excited shouts of “Treat or Treat!” can be heard echoing throughout the neighborhood.

However, factors that they are unable to control, such as low family income and high levels of crime, keep many Pontiac kids indoors on what should be the best opportunity for kids to be kids (or crocodiles, vampires and movie stars).  In order to give the kids in our youth program a chance to have some Halloween fun, the Baldwin Center is throwing a ‘Trunk or Treat’ event for our After School Youth Program students.

When asked about the Trunk or Treat event, Baldwin Center Youth Program Director, Lauren Fuller said, “The Trunk or Treat is about giving the kids we see every day, who work hard on completing their homework, demonstrating our values, and assisting their teammates; a chance to celebrate.”  The Trunk or Treat will provide a safe and fun environment for kids and their families to enjoy Halloween festivities.  Staff and volunteers will be decorating their car trunks and distributing candy in the Baldwin Center parking lot on Monday, October 29th from 4:45pm to 6:00pm.

The Trunk or Treat is a great opportunity to give everyone involved at the Baldwin Center a chance to come together and have some fun.  “The idea of getting together and celebrating as a class or community is something you see disappearing in many local schools,” says Lauren.  “That feeling of camaraderie and memories made is still an important component of elementary school.”  Baldwin Center staff, Oakland University reading instructors, Youth Program tutors, and companies like Ramco Gershenson Corp., are all working together to make this event a success.  Already the event is off to a great start, as Ramco Gershenson Corp. sponsored a coloring contest for the kids and generously donated $250.00 to supply candy and decorations.  Last Saturday, the ten contest winners went to Party City to pick out a costume and decorations for the event.  The kids had a great time at Party City and loved shopping for their Halloween costumes!

The Trunk or Treat event is being held exclusively for kids involved in the Youth Program at the Baldwin Center.  All family members of kids in the program are welcome and encouraged to come.  Through Trunk or Treat, we hope to create an environment where kids can have fun just being kids.  The After School staff and students are working together to decorate and plan this event to help build wonderful memories for everyone involved in our Youth Program.  It is going to be a fun and exciting time!

To find out more about the Trunk or Treat and how you can be involved, please call or email our Youth Program Director, Lauren Fuller at 248-332-6101 or

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