Clarkston UMC Mission Makeover at Baldwin Center in June

It is amazing what a group of dedicated individuals on a mission
Clarkston United Methodist Church Adult Righteous Mission
can accomplish in a week! The Baldwin Center has been blessed again.

Thanks to the carpentry and design skills of Clarkston UMC, every room in the Clothes Closet has practical new hanging racks and updated style.

Gardeners and landscapers gave the Youth Center courtyard new planting boxes and a frog pond for the students to learn hands-on botany and biology.

A little whimsy goes a long way when waiting. Thanks to the imagination and perseverance of these artists, the laundry room has a clothesline of color.

It was hot and humid and then it rained. That did not stop the Clarkston UMC ARM from transforming the untilled garden plots and overgrown flower beds into plantings and productivity.

There was a man with a plan and a van full of tools…and they knew how to use ’em.

This group did everything from prepping to polishing to painting to pounding to planting…and they brought presents, too!

There was no beating around the bushes…they were chopped down or pruned instead and disposed of…just like that!

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