Two Pounds Adds Up at Kirk in the Hills

It’s amazing what two pounds of fresh produce can do. Every week for over a year, the parishioners at Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian church have been collecting vegetables and fruit and bringing them to service on Sunday mornings. Since the “two pound challenge” began, nearly 5,000 pounds of fresh produce have been given to clients of the Baldwin Center.

It started as the title of a sermon in response to the Presbytery of Detroit’s ‘Garden Gatherers Initiative.’ “Our pastor challenged us to ‘feed my sheep’ by bringing in two pounds of food every Sunday, like a great tomato giveaway,” said Kathe Cameron, a Kirk in the Hills member who facilitates the project. “I always thought that feeding hungry was a good idea, so it just makes sense to do it.”

Volunteers like Gini and Jim Schultz, and the church’s deacons, take turns bringing the produce to the Baldwin Center, where guests of the soup kitchen and other programs are able to take the fresh fruits and vegetables for free. “This community needs more fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Lisa Machesky, Baldwin Center’s executive director. “What Kirk in the Hills is doing provides an example of what a huge impact such a small effort can make when people come together.”

For more information about the two pound challenge, or to learn more about ways your church, business, or organization can make a difference in the lives of the poor, contact Alex Plum at 248.332.6101 or email

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