What Happened in February

Science and math education has been enhanced in the after school program, this future scientist wonders does it sink or float?

What’s New at Baldwin

  • * A science inquiry course for older youth in the after school program has been added.  Dr. Basir from Oakland University is leading the course with two pre-service teachers.

Statistics for February:

  • * The Family Kitchen served 2,503 lunches, 524 dinners, and 858 breakfasts. 802 meals and snacks were served in the youth program. Overall, 4,687 meals were served.
  • * 146 low-income seniors received commodity food packages delivered to their homes.
  • * Hats and gloves were distributed to 51 clients in the soup kitchen.
  • * A celebration of Baldwin’s covenant with the United Methodist Church was held on February 14th.  Rev. Melanie Carey was the guest preacher.
  • * Community Housing Network conducted signups for Section 8 low-income housing.
  • * The Clothes Closet had 719 shoppers and seven families from HAVEN (local domestic violence shelter).
  • * The after school children planned and hosted a volunteer appreciation event for all the tutors and others who help the program.
  • * The ground in the hoop house was readied for planting vegetables.
  • * Six women attended yoga classes.
  • * 15 children at HAVEN received valentine gift bags.
  • * 48 hygiene kits were distributed in the clothes closet and soup kitchen.
  • * One bicycle was distributed to help a client get to work.
  • * 19 families cleaned 83 loads of laundry.
  • * 11 women received feminine hygiene products.
  • * 18 new families received diapers; three new families received layettes.
  • * A Mexican meal was introduced to the soup kitchen menu thanks to the executive chef at Northern Lakes Seafood Company.
  • * One family no longer faces eviction and three families were protected from utility shutoffs. Assistance totaled $1,547.30 .  The funding from the Helmsley Charitable Trust is now completely spent.
  • * 14 people enrolled for the GED program and two were referred to the Oakland Literacy Council.
  • * Six birthdays were celebrated.
  • * Baldwin recovered 2,350 pounds of fresh produce:  894 pounds were used in the soup kitchen, 1,456 pounds were distributed freely to  the community.
  • * Youth in the after school program participated in 12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities where they learned about the states of matter, chemical changes, and buoyancy!
  • * Six people took showers.
  • * Mike ala Carte and Rusty Bucket provided meals in the soup kitchen as part of Feed The Need. Toast restaurant provided meals for the youth program twice.
  • * Bank of America provided a $15,000 grant to support our feeding efforts.
  • * On average 31 children attended the after school program each day.
  • * 325 volunteers contributed a total of 1,781 hours of service to Baldwin, worth $38,808.

Current Needs:

  • * Infant clothing
  • * Calculators for the youth center
  • * Canes


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