Bike for Baldwin

This summer, hit the road for Baldwin Center. The Get Up & Ride National Bike Challenge is looking for 25,000 individuals across the country to ride their bike this summer. By logging onto the group’s website (click here) and creating an account, you can help bring greater awareness to the Baldwin Center and our national program to get kids engaged with healthy activities. More information available here.

The Trips for Kids program started last year at Baldwin. Twice during each warmer-season month, Baldwin Stars youth, volunteers, and staff go out to area parks and trails to ride bikes. The kids learn how to repair and maintain the bicycles, many of which were donated by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. For many youth, this is their first opportunity to learn how to ride a bike. Contact Matt Matthews for more information on how you can get involved with the Trips for Kids program, by emailing him at or calling 248.332.6101.

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